ILHS Better World Day 2022


What is Better World Day (BWD)? Each year, all ILHS students are involved with planning and implementing projects for Better World Day. BWD is a national event in which school communities participate and use their creativity, skill and talent to contribute to make their communities a better place.


When was BWD? May 6th, 2022. Better World Day was a success! The day was filled with student-led presentations about a range of topics, as well as a chance for students to stop by the symposium to check out many other projects being worked on. The students also had a chance to learn new things and to work on the projects during the day.


How did the PTSA help? The PTSA was proud to support ILHS Better World Day projects! With $500 awarded amongst six student group projects, we were able to help students help the community around them. The student groups had to submit a grant application with a staff signature, sign a contract in agreement to the amount of funds to be spent by BWD, and submit receipts along with a reimbursement form in order to get the funds. We were super excited to support the hard work -- way to go Ravens!


Check out the program for the 2022 event as well as a few photos to give you a sample of the range of projects below!