We are looking for volunteers to fill these NEEDED and IMPORTANT positions.

Those marked with an asterisks (**) are vacant for the 2022-2023 school year!!

We'd love for you to join our team!

ALL of these positions can be held by more than one person....so BRING A FRIEND!

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering or would like more information on any of these positions. 


Standing committees are active throughout the school year and are considered part of the ILHS PTSA Board of Directors. The ILHS Board of Directors is responsible for managing the ILHS PTSA, presenting recommendations to the membership for action as well as working on behalf of the members of ILHS PTSA. As a part of the ILHS PTSA board of directors, these positions require a volunteer to attend all meetings, to vote on PTSA business and adhere to the PTSA Code of Conduct. In the case of co-chairs, volunteers can decide between them which meetings they will attend as long as there is representation, and they will only have one vote on board of directors' business.

Advocacy Chair: advocates for the diverse needs of our community and encourages members of the Innovation Lab PTSA to do the same. Each fall, this chair attends the Washington State PTA Legislative Assembly and works with the board of directors to recruit and confirm voting delegates to represent ILHS PTSA. The Advocacy Chair should also attend and recruit others to attend WA STATE PTA Legislative Focus events occurring in January or February each year. The Advocacy Chair communicates important and up-to-date information regarding legislative issues and alerts to our leadership and membership using tools such as the PTA ACTION NETWORK, Facebook, membership meetings, and newsletters. 

Communications Chair:  manages all communication outlets for the PTSA. This includes administering, creating and monitoring social media posts, creating and updating the website, and creating and distributing a regular newsletter.

**Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Chair: is a creative and outgoing volunteer that works to ensure that all ILHS families, students and staff feel included, engaged and empowered to positively contribute within our school and PTSA. Working together with Diversity Chair and Special Needs/Education Chair, they will find success through the development of innovative partnerships within our community. The Special Needs/Education Chair or the Diversity Chair may act as proxy for the FACE chair at board of directors meetings.

**Membership Chair: works to recruit members to the PTSA, enters those members into the state membership database, and creates/updates membership forms. Recruitment of families, students and staff is done through PTSA communication tools as well as at events where it is appropriate to advertise the benefits of PTSA membership. This position requires data entry, reconciliation of data, talking to families and staff, and working closely with the President and Treasurer.


Committee chairs play a very important role in the success of a PTSA. They are backbone of our organization! These leaders organize, coordinate and plan many programs and events at specific times throughout the year. Volunteers should adhere the the PTSA Code of Conduct as representatives of our association.

**Diversity Chair: amplifies and advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion within the ILHS community.  They promote an enriching and supportive environment for all families at ILHS by recognizing and celebrating our community’s diversity and elevating underrepresented voices and viewpoints. This position is active throughout the school year, works closely with the FACE Chair and can act as proxy for the FACE chair at board of directors meetings.

Emergency Prep Chair: communicates with the ILHS safety/security and emergency preparedness team as a parent representative working to encourage participation in the creation and/or review of the school’s safety and emergency/disaster preparedness plans. This position assists in sharing plans with the membership and the ILHS community as well as communicating emergency prep needs to the board as they arise. Other duties may include: involving students in the process, helping to inventory/maintain/purchase E-PREP supplies, attend Northshore Council PTSA E-PREP committee meetings, gather resources and disperse information as appropriate. This chair is active throughout the school year.

Reflections Chair: promotes & coordinates the Reflections National PTA cultural arts competition. The Reflections Chair helps distribute competition information, collects submissions, and delivers them to Northshore Council PTSA, then publicizes participants and winners. Reflections takes place in the fall with submissions due in November, and a Council-wide Reflections reception is held in January. This position starts at the end of August and concludes after the return of artwork after the Reflections reception in January.

**Special Education Chair:  provides the perspective of families with Special Education students to the PTSA and school staff to help guide decisions and activities and develop effective ways of communicating with said students and families. This position also works to build community among Special Education families within the school, encourages participation in school/PTSA events, and is the point-of-contact for parents looking to connect with other parents. This position is active throughout the school year, works closely with the FACE Chair and can act as proxy for the FACE chair at board of directors meetings.

Staff Appreciation Chair: works to schedule, plan, and implement a variety of different events throughout the year to show our gratitude to the wonderful teachers and staff members of ILHS. This volunteer works with office staff in order to distribute appreciation gifts to teachers/staff, and with the community to organize staff appreciation events and gifts. This chair is active throughout the school year.